About HNWF

“High Net Worth Friends” (HNWF) is a high level social, professional and leisure group for women. We are derived from a host of constituents which have collaborated to create one of the nations most elite women’s club in the U.S. Are you ready to walk with purpose, do what God has called you to do and gain financial wealth?

Our group brings professionals together to help educate and mentor our members in the area of walking in their God giving calling, investing, starting a business, saving, insurance, home buying and financial literacy through engaging in group events such as, meet-ups, mastermind calls, conferences, seminars, fun social events and our international travel club. Most of all we are a club of loving, compassionate, caring women who want only to pull women up to their highest calling. Isn’t It time you surround yourself with like minded women who are positive and working to achieve their goals in life and want you to achieve your own. We are your biggest cheer leaders waiting to cheer you on. Change your friends, surrounding and change your life.

Our Events

  • 2023 AFRICA -Ivory Coast-Ghana

    IVORY COAST 5 NIGHTS Sofitel Abidjan Hotel Ivoire GHANA 5 NIGHTS Accra Marriott Hotel The Return: Cape Coast Castle Experience! Cape Coast and Elmina Castles are two of the largest remaining structures symbolizing the last point of contact for millions of Africans who left the continent to be enslaved across the Americas. This experience includes a tour of the castles, a historical walking tour of Cape Coast where the vestiges of the slave trade remain, lunch, and a reflection and naming ceremony for those commemorating their return to the motherland. And Much More !

    08th Sep, 2023
  • Spain & Portugal Travel

    Hey ladies we are gearing up for our 2022 girls Trip. Now is the time to renew your passport or apply for one and don't say I didn't mention it to you. “The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” -Eleanor Roosevelt Details : We are all flying from NY to Madrid on Sept 30th 4 days- October 4th Flying into centre of Lisbon, Portugal for 4 days. If you are interesting in flying with us. Email us on the contact page. Our girls trips are always a la carte. We coordinate and get our tickets ,decide what hotels we staying at and go as a group.

    30th Aug, 2022
  • Monthly Seminar

    Monthly Seminar are a highly structure thought provoking conversation, learn how to invest, an opportunity to build new relationships, share financial tips and resources and make new connections over delicious food, cocktails, technology, and culture.

    19th Jun, 2022

Our Benefit

  • Investment Club

    Coming soon! Make your money work for you. Join our group investment club

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  • Step UP-Level UP

    It’s all about walking in your calling and building generational wealth.

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  • Monthly Activities

    Indulge in a cluster of diversified meet-up events where women come together to learn in a fun setting.

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  • Travel With Us

    Join us to visit all the amazing destinations you have dreamed of without ever having to worry about traveling alone

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What Our Members Say

  • I am thrilled to be apart of this organization. I have learned so much about credit and investments

    Maria Vacheresse
  • I have been able to enjoy meeting new people who are professionals. The monthly networking and seminars are phenomenal.

    Karen Jones-Hunter
  • A circle of positive, like-minded friends who share financial information is wonderful.

    Michelle MARTINEZ
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No one's ever achieved financial fitness with a January resolution that's abandoned by February

through knowledge and discipline, financial peace is possible for all of us.

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You are a reflection of the people you associate with the most and your attitude,income and lifestyle is the average of that group