Local High Net Worth Friends are run by passionate women who want to help us further our mission. We work closely with every Chapter president, so there is a formal application process to start an official chapter in your city.

When you’re ready, request an application via our Contact form.

Becoming a Chapter President host

Q: What does it mean to be a CP host?
A: Each chapter president is led by one person who serves as the local host. This represents his/her city by leading a team and organizing the chapter with the support of High Net Worth Friends headquarters in Chicago.

As the chapter president, you would be in charge of all the details for your local event such as:

— Securing a venue for seminars
— Finding sponsors if needed to cover meetup, Brunch & Learn, conferences, retreats and other event costs
— Leading the Chapter team (including a photographer and videographer)
— Marketing for the event
— Serving as the main point of contact for HQ

Q: Do hosts sign a license agreement? A: Each host signs a license agreement in order to represent The Women’s Millionaire Movement/the High Net Worth Friends brand and agrees that all content created as a result of a High Net Worth Friends event is property of The HNWF. The license agreement lasts for 12 months and is renewable.

Q: Can there be co-hosts?
A: Yes. We require ONE president for each chapter who serves as the face of that location but we ask that you nominate a Vice president to support you behind the scenes. This way if illness, travel, or any number of life’s surprises prevents you from hosting one month, you have a solid back up. You’re free to organize your team as you see fit.  but only one person can be the official host.

Q: Can my company or group apply to be a host?
A: No. High Net Worth Friends chapters are licensed to individuals. In many instances, a host’s company supports their employee (e.g. committing to long-term sponsorship/resources). But at the end of the day our official relationship is with the individual, and if that person leaves his/her current company, the chapter would remain with that person.

General expectations

Q: How much time typically goes into being a High Net Worth Friends President?
A: On average, a host spends about 20 hours a month building their community and preparing for events. This number may fluctuate a bit as the presidents becomes more seasoned, but 20 hours is a good estimate.

Q: How often are events?
A: Each chapter is expected to host a High Net Worth Friends quarterly seminars generally held on Saturdays

Q: Are
High Net Worth Friends events always free?
A: Yes. Always to members but you can charge nonmembers

About your city

Q: Can there be more than one
High Net Worth Friends chapter per city?
A: Nope. We stick with one per city.

Q: I live in a small city. Can I still apply to start a chapter?
A: Yes, you are welcome to apply,

Q: What if the city I want to apply for is very close to another chapter?
A: You’re welcome to still apply. Just ask yourself since the chapters would be so close, would it make sense objectively to have a High Net Worth Friends in your city as well?

The application process

Q: What do you ask for in the application?
A: The application should include a video and a written portion.

Q: How long should my video be?
A: 2 to 3 minutes.

Q: Why do you ask for a video in your application?
A: the best way to get to know someone in a faraway place. Is video.  .

Q: If I apply, how long until I hear from you?
A: We review applications once a month so you can expect an update within a few weeks. We are a small team at headquarters. Thank you for your patience!

Q: Are there more steps to the application process after I submit?
A: If your application seems like a good fit, we will setup a Skype interview to learn more about you and your vision for a chapter in your city.

Q: Is applying for a chapter first come first serve?
A: No, not necessarily. However, we do recommend that you get your application in as soon as you can. If we find a host we really like, we’ll grant them the chapter.

Q: Can I reach out to potential sponsors, venues or speakers before applying?
A: Yes. Committed sponsors, venues and speakers is a great way to strengthen your application. However, please be clear and explain that you do not officially represent High Net Worth Friends and are applying for a license to start a chapter.

Running a chapter

  1. Q: Are there any costs/fees associated with running a chapter?
    A: Chapters usually cover their event costs primarily through local sponsors. All local sponsorship money stays with the chapter. Our chapter help sustain headquarters by participating in HQ’s partnership initiatives from time to time.
  1. Q: Do local chapters create LLCs or non-profits?
    A: Some chapters do establish organizations to keep finances in order or apply for certain types of funding. However, High Net Worth Friends does not permit chapter presidents to use the “High Net Worth Friends” trademark, or confusingly similar names, as the entity name.
  1. Q: What sort of resources does High Net Worth Friends headquarters provide?
    A: Each of our chapters receives a large batch of files (e.g. brand assets, slides templates, sample marketing materials), the online CM handbook that details guidelines and learning from our hosts, and access to our internal message board for all hosts worldwide.
  1. Q: How long is the commitment for being a President?
    A: Our licenses are one year long and in most cases we offer hosts the opportunity to renew their agreement each year.
  1. Q: What happens if I’m a President and I’d like to pass on the role to someone else?
    A: We have an exit process setup for our President. You will have the option to nominate someone who you heavily endorse to be the next host (they will have to complete an interview and application). Otherwise, headquarters will open public applications for the chapter.

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