Who We Are

High Network Friends (HNWF)an millionaire mastermind group just for women who want to achieve their financial goals. We are derived from a host of constituents which have collaborated to create one of the nations biggest women’s high mastermind group in the U.S. We are like minded women all working together to step up and level up – to make more money, to gain more freedom and achieve the life we always dreamed of…Our group have the best of financial professionals to help educate our group members on investing, saving, insurance, home buying and financial literacy, and walking in our purpose and calling, through different avenues such as meet-ups, group vacations, mastermind calls, conferences, seminars and online training.

Our members are made up of passionate Women who are committed to the belief that service and education can end poverty in our country. Members have the opportunity to give back by granting scholarships to worthy students and sponsoring after school and summer programs that teach financial literacy to youth. We are breaking the cycle of poverty and illiteracy through providing necessary training and resources in the area of finances to youth, their parents and the community.  

We are a group of women that are not just learning how to create wealth but we are helping the youth which is the future generation. You will not find any group as unique as ours that offers: professional financial coaching monthly networking; ; a yearly financial boot camp annual investing Mastermind retreats; and yearly charity ball.



Our Team

Arna Erega : Licensed professional counselor (LPC-I)

Arna Erega

Licensed professional counselor (LPC-I)

Arna Erega is native of Croatia, who arrived in Nebraska in 2007 to pursue her dream of becoming an Olympic athlete. Simultaneously, she pursued a degree in Psychology and Sociology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, which later led to an MA in Mental Health Counseling. Her professional running career was brief but nevertheless, it taught her some invaluable lessons.

Arna is now a licensed professional counselor (LPC-I) in the state of South Carolina. She is a member of American Counseling Association (ACA), South Carolina Counseling Association (SCCA), and South Carolina Counseling Association for Licensed Professional Counselors (SCALPC). Arna has also presented her research at SCCA Annual Conference in 2016 and 2017, and at SCALPC Conference in 2016.  Arna has been practicing from the solution-focused therapy approach, which means she is focused on helping you find the solutions to your presenting issues by mapping out a specific plan to help you reach your goals and achieve your full potential.

Bridget Diarrassouba : Personal & Entrepreneur Development Strategist

Bridget Diarrassouba

Personal & Entrepreneur Development Strategist

Bridget Diarrassouba is a seasoned entrepreneur, life coach and consultant with 10+ years of experience in nonprofit management using highly developed problem solving and organizational skills to achieve organizational goals and mission. Praised for listening skills, communication skills, and compassion.

Bridget is a highly motivated self-starter with the ability to work under pressure with a strong desire to exceed expectations. She possesses the highest degree of integrity and a flawless record of sustaining a high level of professionalism. She is dedicated to the personal success of all those she works with personally and professionally. Her expertise in coaching are: personal development, entrepreneurship, spiritual and health Coaching.  She has a Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness ,Master’s in Public Health, Certified Stress Management, Health wellness & Nutrition, Certified Professional Life Coach, Certified HIV/AIDS Instructor, Certified Domestic Violence Counselor and Certified in Holistic and Integrative Health. She is the founder and Executive Director of two successful nonprofits, New life Coach Inc and Mutual Partners Association. She is also the founder, author and publisher of The Women’s Compilation book Project

Dr. Marsha Clarke :  Life Transformation Strategist

Dr. Marsha Clarke

Life Transformation Strategist

Dr. Marsha Clarke is a Life Transformation Strategist whose purpose is to educate, equip, and empower. Marsha moves her clients from ordinary to extraordinary. Marsha is a business consultant and certified Christian Life Coach. With more than 20 years of experience in analytical management and problem solving, she is uniquely qualified to assist clients as they face obstacles in their professional and personal lives. Marsha offers a range of in-person and remote coaching services, including business consulting, intersectionality coaching, entrepreneur coaching, spiritual coaching, grief, and loss coaching, and recovery coaching. In collaboration with Marsha, clients will identify key issues and motivators with the goal of designing innovative strategies for long-term success. Marsha’s dedication to excellence makes her a sought after Life Transformation Strategist. Marsha holds a B.S. in Criminal Justice from Florida A&M University, an MBA from National Louis University, and her most recent accomplishment a Ph.D. in Human Services specializing in Nonprofit Management and Leadership. Marsha is the Executive Director of Creating Greatness Now Consultant and Coaching Organization. Dr. Marsha’s future project, which will make its debut in September 2018, is Creating Greatness Now Inc. Leadership Academy for African American girls.

Tammy Workman : Complementary and alternative Specialist

Tammy Workman

Complementary and alternative Specialist

Experienced Life Coach with a demonstrated history of working in the health wellness and fitness industry. Skilled in Nonprofit Organizations, Coaching, Crisis Intervention, Government, and Prevention. Strong healthcare services professional with a Licensed Massage Therapy focused in Massage / preventative healthcare from CORE Institute School of Massage Therapy. Tammy is also a HypnoCoach. Her mission is helping you stop anxiety, fears, habits & find & achieve your dreams!
Tammy Workman, MBA/HCM is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer, & Advocate. She has been working with children, teens, and adults for 23 years, to find a better way of thinking & living; Finding Their Dreams!

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